EDM7 Show 02 with Anaya Weathers

EDM7 Show 02 with Anaya Weathers (EDM7.net) An Interview With House Music Artist Anaya Weathers from New Jersey USA.

Anaya Weathers is an American born singer and songwriter. Born in Hazelhurst, Georgia and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Anaya has 3 younger brothers and no sisters. Anaya had grew up in a very religious home, where her father is a pastor. She grew up singing in church and later auditioned and took the test to be admitted to the prestigious, Arts High School in Newark, where she majored in music and sang in several choirs. This fueled her passion to sing even more as she got older. After graduating, she could be found singing at a local talent show, in church or at someone’s wedding. She later married and music had to be put on hold to raise her 2 daughters. Working with Producer, Mark Francis, her current single, “You Make Me Smile”, released on Quantize Recordings is doing extremely well. It stayed in the Top 50 Pre-Order Chart on Traxsource the entire time it was in that stage. It is now in the Promo stage and currently at #34 on the Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House Chart. The song’s official release date is 11/6/2020, and has already been placed on the Traxsource Weekend Weapon Chart, as well as 10 DJ Charts. Prior to You Make Me Smile, she released a song produced by South African Producer, Andrew Felo, on Pasqua Records, entitled, “Me”. Me also stayed in the Top 100 Preorders and made it onto several DJ Charts as well as the Traxsource HYPE, Weekend Weapons and Essential Soulful Charts. Her single, “This Man”, produced by Andrew Felo, originally released in late 2019, with remixes released March 2020, has done extremely well. This resulted in the distributor re-releasing 4 of the remixes on 2 of their labels in compilation sets. This Man is currently being played worldwide by various DJ’s and radio stations. Her follow-up single, “Faith”, was released late July 2020. It’s already climbing the charts in its pre-order stage. Remixes for Faith have been done by DaRockwildas Crew, The FREEZ Project, just to name a couple. Anaya has worked with producers locally and overseas. Some well-known American producers like Mark Francis, producers overseas, like DaRockwildas Crew, UK, Andrew Felo, South Africa and Pasquale Landi, Italy. She was recently asked to joined the label, SOH (Souled Out House), which she has accepted. Her smooth, soulful and melodic voice has caught the attention of DJ’s all over the country and beyond. Anaya has gained a huge fan base in the UK. Stay tuned, and remember her name, Anaya Weathers, because if you have not heard her sing, you will undoubtedly be hearing her amazing voice in the very near future.

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