2009 House Mix 37

2009 House Mix 37 (TechNoSoul) + Track List + Youtube playlist

Track List: House 2009
1Andreas Gehm – My So Called Robot Life 6:26
2Marcello Napoletano – Linguetta Acida 6:12
3Capracara – King Of The Witches7:58
4Fred Everything ft. Wayne Tennant Mercyless (atjazz vocal mix)6:19
5Fred Everything – Mercyless (Fred Everything & Olivier Desmet Remix)7:28
6 Canyons  – Dancing on Silk5:59
7Disco Nihilist – A2 – Love What You Feel – 4:27
8Woolfy Oh Missy (Extended Mix)6:22
9Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons Club Mix)8:11
10Lil Louis – Club Lonely Mr K Edit8:22
11Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart4:51
12Big Strick – Buckle Up!5:21
13Brothers Vibe – My Cure8:29
14Chicago Skyway ‎ -Fourtone6:14
15Big Strick – Whatup Doe! 4:07
16Chicago Skyway – Bells6:01
17Black Jazz Consortium – Build It6:32
18You are not alone – Michael Jackson (Frankie Knuckles remix)10:05
19Black Jazz Consortium – Blacklight7:43
20Deee-Lite – Good Beat 4:19
21House Of House Rushing To Paradise 12:59
22Rushing To Paradise 9:13
23Brennan Green – My First House9:51
24Untitled – Brennan Green8:56
26 Canyons – Fire Eyes7:31
27Soulclap – Conscious9:23
28Rick Wade – I Can’t Take It5:35
29Marcello Napoletano A Prescription Of Love6:46
30Protect-U – Double Rainbow7:13
31Dj Sneak-I Rep Underground.6:02
32les aeroplanes – ils disent que l’orient est rouge9:32
33B1. Damon Lamar – Large Crowd5:01
34Rick Wade – Pimp factor5:06
35Rick Wade – Kendra6:22
36WORKIN HAPPILY Feel it Cajmere underground goodies mix5:29
37Specter – Night Hawk9:09
38Disco Nihilist – LWYF01 B15:01
39Black Jazz Consortium – Believe6:05
40Tevo Howard – 606607:11
41Dj Sneak-Doing The Dew.8:04

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