2009 Drum and Bass Mix 34

This one is for UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§! Let’s move forward with 2009 Drum and Bass Mix 34 (TechNoSoul) : added the track list + youtube playlist. Enjoy!

For any drum and bass music submission or feedback just message us here! Cheers πŸ˜„ !

Track List: Drum and Bass 2009
1Bulletproof – Rising Sun (Original Mix) 6:21
2Calculon – Road Less Traveled6:22
3Calibre – Out of the Box5:42
4Total Science – Never Had A Dream (Furney Remix)6:33
5Spor – Silver Spaceman5:44
6Netsky – Tomorrow’s Another Day5:42
7Logistics – Warehouse5:45
8Noisia – Stigma [VSN007] (2009)5:53
9Bcee- Disciple6:17
10Netsky – Young and Foolish6:40
11Madcap – Red October7:01
12mixleaf audio heretic and topcat bunn the sensi serial killaz remix5:05
13Chris SU – The Peak5:56
14And I Love Her- Makoto5:58
15Fracture & Neptune – Clissold5:58
16Danny Byrd – Red Mist VIP6:04
17Spectrasoul – Organiser (Original Mix)5:39
18The Wildlife Collective Wadodem 5:24
19DJ Fresh – Fantasia4:57
20Ed Rush & Optical – Magical Thinking6:20
21Nolige – Red Rain7:55
22Logistics – Platinum5:41
23SpectraSoul – Alibi [Break Remix]6:26
24Calibre – MindPrint5:47
25Netsky – Prisma5:51
26dBridge – Inner Disbelief6:02
27Sub Zero – Spin Doc4:29
28Nucleus & Paradox – Illuminism6:39
29Calibre – All The Days5:40
30Spectrasoul ft. Kenny Notts – 4 Points5:20
31Ed Rush & Optical – Chub Rub4:26
32dBridge – 5th Floor5:47
33Alix Perez – Melanie3:02
34Makoto – Sentimental Moods6:01
35DJ Fresh – Heavyweight6:10
36Alix Perez – I’m Free3:03
37Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Bizzy Time (Break Remix) (C.I.A. Recordings)5:16
38Netsky – Starlight (HD)5:09
39The Wildlife Collective – Sugar Me5:38
40Noisia – Crank (HD)4:33
41Verbal – Frozen Lake6:42
42Naibu – Tigresse6:26
43Fracture & Neptune – Killerwhat 5:56
44Logistics – Salvation4:27
45Ed Rush & Optical – Snaggletooth6:27

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