French House Mix 15

French House Mix 15 ( TechNoSoul) + Track list + Youtube playlist. I dedicate this mix to my home country France. Enjoy the week end with some positive vibes!

Track List: French House Mix 15
1John Julius Knight – Find a friend6:52
2Claude François – Alexandrie Alexandra (Peyruis Remix)3:49
3Play Paul – Spaced Out8:47
4Twin Pitch – Magnet5:36
5Etienne De Crecy – Noname (Alex Gopher’s Wuz remix)5:53
6France Gall – Ella Elle l’a (MrCØ Rework)5:10
7Jess & Crabbe – Hell and Back (Original)6:55
8P.M.D.C. _- Like It5:17
9Wuz (Alex Gopher & Demon) – Use me5:55
10Chili Hi Fly – Is It Love3:18
11Patrick Alavi – Back Again6:14
12Paradis – Toi Et Moi (Official Video)3:43
13Louis La Roché – Be Brave3:45
14Cleptomaniacs – All I Do (Original Club Mix) 7:54
15Lady i need you i want you3:49
16Pépé Bradock – Life8:13
17DJ Nekbath – Feel It (Saturday Night Mix)5:50
18Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)3:44
19The Paradise – In Love With You Alan Braxe & Romuald]4:15
20For The Floorz – Body Angels6:12
21Raw Man – Across The Universe8:31
22Agent Sumo – Sunflowers 5:59
23Archigram – Doggystyle7:22
24Crydajam – If You Give Me The Love I Want6:26
25Daft Punk – Too Long (Official audio)10:01
26fab g. – straightforward6:41
27Roman Salzger – Above the Rules7:31
28Roger Sanchez – Another Chance 3:59
29France Gall – Besoin d’amour (Upsilone Remix)4:16
30Starlight (Original Version)6:05
31Claude François 17 ANS(TechNoSoul Remix)4:17
32Saving Mary – Fused4:44
33Spiller – Sola (Nano Rec)4:59
34Julien Jabre – Sun is Back6:44
35Pour Homme – Born This Way [2000]6:31
36France Gall x Doumëa – Résiste (Remix)3:18

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