Disco Spaceship 1983 Mix 02

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Disco Spaceship 1983 Mix 02 + Track List + Youtube playlist

Track List: Disco 1983 Mix 02
103. Helen St. John – Love Theme from Flashdance 3:30
2Frank Stallone – Moody Girl 4:07
3Cerrone your love survived5:53
4Marcus Miller – Much Too Much6:09
5SYBIL THOMAS – Rescue Me. 6:38
6De De – S & M (sexy music) 5:08
7Champaign – Let Your Body Rock4:15
8Surface – Falling In Love 9:28
9surface – falling in love6:24
10Champaign – Party Line3:48
11Just Like a Door Knob6:21
12Touche’ – Just Like A Doorknob5:11
13Instant Funk – (Just Because)5:56
14[Just Because] You’ll Be Mine 4:05
15The Temptations – The Seeker4:35
16CHIC – believer 835:08
17Cerrone – Freak connection [12]9:24
18Jambo – Hakuna Matata7:49
19Unlimited Touch – Good Loving6:46
20African Moon (Long Version)6:44
21Kool & The Gang – Straight Ahead 4:50
22David Jospeh – Lets Live It Up (Nite People) 6:35
23Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’6:34
24Jamaica Girls – Need Somebody New 5:32
25David Joseph – Let&#39s Live It Up (1983)6:11
26Marcus Miller – Lovin’ You (1983)5:18
27Raw Silk – Just In Time & Space7:34
28Irene Cara – Flashdance… What A Feeling Music Video3:20
29Raw Silk – Just In Time6:46
30Bee Gees – Breakout4:44
31Cashmere – Try your lovin6:25
32France Joli – Blue Eyed Technology3:18
33Earlene Bentley The Boys Come To Town8:08
34Kool & The Gang – Don’t Stop The Motion3:29
35France Joli – Dumb Blonde3:01
36Unlimited Touch – Yes I’m Ready7:48
37PAMALA STANLEY – I Don’t Want To Talk About It 6:09
38She Works Hard For The Money5:21
39France Joli – Girl In the 80’s3:36

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