2006 Detroit Techno Mix 20

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Happy friday and end of week! Here is the 2006 Detroit Techno Mix 20 ( TechNoSoul) + Tracklist + Youtube playlist

Track List: Detroit 2006 Mix 20
1Atlantis Words from Atlantis1:54
2Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz4:35
3The Infiltrator – A Delicate Balance4:46
4Tres Demented – BrainFreeze8:00
5Santonio – Homilies (Detroit Mix)5:52
6Mindsweeper – Infiltrator (Underground Resistance)4:15
7The Martian – The Intruder4:34
8Brian Kage – Interstellar Agent6:07
9Mad Mike – Attack Of The Sonic Samurai (SID 2005)7:19
11Brian Kage – Scape (Joris Voorn Remix)5:58
12Mad Mike – Chaos & Order5:49
13Omar S – The Maker5:34
14Dj Bone – Break It Down4:36
15The Martian – Meet the Red Planet4:55
16Dj Bone – Platform 9 ¾6:13
17Jeff Mills – The Clarivoyant4:26
18Underground Resistance – Greater Than Yourself5:21
19Jeff Mills – Kat Luck5:06
20Jeff Mills – Transport5:11
21the aquanauts – crackzilla5:01
22The Deacon – Fuji [Somewhere In Detroit, 2006]4:06
23The Deacon – Multi-Dimensional Drama5:28
24The Martian – Lost Transmission From Earth6:02
25the unknown soldier – babylon’s gifts4:43
27Tres Demented – Shez Satan4:57
28Omar-S_Blade Runner9:52
29Suburban Knight – Cargo Cult2:56
30Marc Floyd – Geiger Counter4:02
31the martian – The Last Stand8:26
32The Martians – Sunchaser8:21
33Beautiful Boxer – The Illustrator Somewhere In Detroit [2006]3:32
34DJ 3000 – Merchants of Identity (The Marketplace)3:33
35Jeff Mills – Gateway of Zen (The Other Day)5:57
36Omar S – Motor City Jackpot7:09
37Omar-S – Foe Show9:02
38Underground Resistance – Cosmic Traveller6:56

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