2014 Club House Mix 31

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2014 Club House Mix 31 + Track list + Youtube Playlist

Track List: House 2014 Mix 31
1Vin Sol – Pyramids7:28
2Vin Sol – Meltdown5:46
3David Morales Presents Red Zone – Tribal Funk6:54
4Ron Trent – Dancin’ (Lost Prescription)6:16
5Deetroit – Secret Passage6:32
6Four Walls & Funkyjaws – His Name Is Eddie – KOLOUR LTD6:16
7HOUSE Eli Escobar – NY SO HI [Night People NYC]5:15
8DEADMAU5 – Terrors In My Head8:38
9Disclosure – Apollo6:44
10Levon Vincent _– Impression Of A Rainstorm (2011)7:11
11Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn5:23
12Cromby – Deep Inside Your Love6:09
13Eli Escobar – Up all night1:45
14Terekke – Untitled A2 (Rhose)5:40
15Hakim Murphy – Chicago Head (Chicago Skyway Remix)5:49
16DEADMAU5 – Mercedes9:39
17Hakim Murphy – Tender B (Steven Tang Remix)6:29
18Seein You – Eli Escobar5:36
19Scott Grooves – Movin’ On feat. Seoulonnie6:52
20Four Walls & Funkyjaws – Love Train5:03
21DEADMAU5 – Acedia6:26
22The Black Madonna – Exodus Stripped & Chewed8:03
23Terekke – Track 48:45
24Four Walls & Funkyjaws – Jazzy Things7:33
25Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle4:57
26DEADMAU5 – My Pet Coelacanth8:16
27David Morales Presents Red Zone – Don’t Go7:22
28Terekke-Yrlv L.I.E.S.8:01
29Track Masters – I Need You So Bad (Feel This Mix) 19925:41
30Pontchartrain – Dance With Me (Space Dance EP)6:21
31David Morales Presents Red Zone – Don’t Go (Head High Remix)5:09
32Ben La Desh – Afrodesia (Young Adults)6:13
33LeAndre De Paris – Ligne De Mire8:11
34Jordan Fields – I Feel Loved6:45
35Four Walls & Funkyjaws – From Us – KOLOUR LTD6:36

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