Special Series – House Mix 1

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Special Series – House Mix 1

Introducing the new special series – Today we mix house music

Playlist – Special Series – House Mix 1
1Be Like Water – Da Rockwildas6:20
2(1993) Candido – Jingo [Dimitr6:45
3FAITH – Anaya Weathers [ Da Rockwildas Bass Tech House Mix]6:40
4BABY PLEASE – Da Rockwildas6:20
5Feel – Da Rockwildas6:50
6Five Long Years – Da Rockwildas [Disco Funk Mix]6:36
7Friday Nite – Da Rockwildas6:33
8DJ Galactic – Warming up (Extended MIx)6:03
9Samba Start – Da Rockwildas6:17
10(1993) Donna de Lory – Just A Dream8:31
11Greatest Dancer – Da Rockwildas [Main Mix]6:13
12DJ- Galactic- Birmingham6:00
13Brazilian Boogie – Da Rockwildas7:21
14(1993) Soul II Soul – Back To Life [Masters At Work Vocal Dub RMX]7:29
15High Grade b – Da Rockwildas5:35
16FAITH – Anaya Weathers [Da Rockwildas Tribal Mix]6:59
17(1993) Alison Limerick – Time Of Our Lives [David Morales Flute Instrumental Mix]6:20
18Dancotics – INDUSTRIAL6:12
19SALSA MIX – Da Rockwildas LANDR Medium4:57
21Living Dream- DJ Galactic7:56
22Mountain Top – Da Rockwildas6:16
23PHONEY MONEY (Original Mix) – Da Rockwildas6:08
25(1993) Liza – I Need U [Club Version Mix]5:40
26The Tech Groove -Da Rockwildas6:36
27Live ON – DJ Galactic6:11
28wata goin on -MARVIN GAYE & DA ROCKWILDAS CREW with applause fullmixdown6:10

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